Frassaï Travel Perfume


"Experience the breathtaking beauty and find sanctuary in the moment that is now. Each fragrance in the Frassaï collection is an invitation to embark on an olfactive journey through South America and parts of the world. Our perfumes are approached slowly, respecting the creative process and vision of the creative director and nose.

Each fragrant drop is a labor of passion and love. From the selection of beautiful and qualitative ingredients from all over the world to transmit meaningful and authentic stories, to the unique corner label, textured wooden caps, and sleek packaging that is reflective of our sustainable approach. Our perfumes invite the wearer to uplift the senses and create harmony through scent.

We celebrate the diversity of Latin America and make an effort to select noble, upcycled, and durable materials. Our packaging is intentionally light and minimal, always cellophane-free."

Natalia Outeda