Through the lens of our core essence, the handmade, VOZ AW23 | MANOS represents our connection to touch, craft, culture, and one another. With an emphasis on tender materiality, the collection spans an array of handwoven textiles from Southern Chile in alpaca and merino, hand-knit sweaters from Peru in soft natural fibers, and hand-dyed shibori silks. Our modern take on timeless silhouettes is ever-present throughout, balancing elegance with wearability for any occasion. The collection palette integrates rich hues from the earth herself, pairing the colors of sky with the deep hues of the soil. Through woven motifs of our interconnectivity, and the warmth brought forward, we share refuge in our interconnection.


Featuring Shanel Marie of Women360
Creative Direction by Jasmine Étoile Aarons & Para Soerensen
Styling by Kristin Ingersoll
Photography by Osvaldo Ponton
Hair and Make Up by Tara Pagliara
Production by Isabella Yu