#VOZWOMAN | Taryn Toomey

Our latest #VOZwoman, Taryn Toomey, is a cult icon from coast to coast, bringing magic and ceremony into the high-intensity workout. After a career as a fashion industry exec with Ralph Lauren and Dior, Taryn trained as a yoga teacher, and later created the highly coveted yoga-cardio hybrid The Class. 

#VOZWOMAN | Natalia Oberti Noguera

Get to know VOZWOMAN Natalia Oberti Noguera, founder and CEO of Pipeline Angels, an organization that is changing the face of angel investing and creating capital for women and non-binary femme social entrepreneurs.

#VOZWOMAN | Pascuala

Pascuala is one of the 85 Chilean artisan partners who makes VOZ magic. She has always brought joy and a sharp humor to all our years of collaboration, and she is part of the backbone of VOZ. She has a creative spirit of innovation, and always brings delightful prototypes and design ideas to VOZ.

#VOZWOMAN | Yessica Huenteman Medina

VOZ spoke with Mapuche ceramist Yessica Huenteman Medina. Working with clay has deepened her connection to the earth as well as to native heritage, which had been systematically suppressed by the Chilean government. She lets us in on her creative process—and how the politics of history have indelibly impressed her work.

#VOZWOMAN | Lyn Slater

Lyn Slater, our fabulous #VOZWOMAN of the Spring, is a Professor at Fordam University, world-renowned fashion model, and woman behind the sensational blog Accidental Icon. She celebrates original and diverse style, sustainable fashion, and beauty in all forms. As a social worker, intellect, and style icon, Lyn is our muse and inspiration!

#VOZWOMAN Angela Lindvall

Meet #VOZWOMAN Angela Lindvall, supermodel, mother, spiritual coach, and environmental activist. In 2017, we had the pleasure of taking Angela on a trip to Araucania, Chile, to meet Mapuche weavers and immerse ourselves in the beauty of the countryside. Our itinerary was the perfect combination of nature experience and cultural immersion, and most importantly, Angela meeting the weavers in their homes and sharing the wisdom and art of weaving tradition.

#VOZWOMAN | Chana Ewing

Meet #VOZWOMAN Chana Ewing, storyteller and marketing strategist who is passionate about bringing diversity to marketing and media.

#VOZWOMAN | Re Jin Lee

As the cool and muted light of a wintery Brooklyn morning spills onto shelves upon shelves of ceramics serried like ranks of soldiers, Re Jin Lee, the artistic spirit and founder of Bailey Doesn't Bark, tends to the day's order of operations. Since 2008, the Brooklyn based design studio has offered functional ceramics made by hand. Wearing a smock streaked with iridescent glazes reflective of her sprightly disposition, Re was gracious enough to inspire us with her creative process, delving into a multifaceted background of fashion design, artistry, and motherhood to help us fully understand the complex highways of her journey.

#VOZWOMAN | Abigail Doan

"I generally feel comfortable with the term “artist”, but I in all honestly I actually see myself as being more of a materials investigator and preservationist."

#VOZWOMAN | Daniela Perdomo

"Trust your instincts, and be generous to and patient with yourself. Creating something out of nothing is literally the scariest and most rewarding thing you can do." Meet #VOZWOMAN Daniela Perdomo, founder of goTenna.