#VOZWOMAN | Blythe Masters

Blythe Masters’s accomplishments range from being the youngest female managing director in J.P. Morgan’s history at age 28 to leading the charge toward technological innovation in financial services as the current CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, a Manhattan-based startup.

#VOZWOMAN | Eutimia Cruz Montoya

"As Muse In Medicine is my personal medicine practice that expands a wide breadth of modalities, my days are varied and full of many different treatments, events, courses, and adventures."

#VOZWOMAN | Hilary France

We were recently graced with the opportunity to catch up with ultra fashionista, champion of the underdog, and long time VOZ ambassador, Hillary France. Hillary is one of the most innovative fashion entrepreneurs we know. Passionate to help emerging designers gain a competitive edge, Hillary pioneered Brand Assembly, a NY-based startup that provides back end infrastructure and guidance needed to grow successful brands. VOZ was honored to be featured at this month’s Brand Assembly trade show, a component of Hilary's foundation which gives 60 carefully curated brands the opportunity to showcase their talent.

#VOZWOMAN | Adele Jacques

It was such a pleasure chatting with filmmaker, model and writer Adele Jacques. We had a very interesting chat with Adele as we strolled towards to scenic Brooklyn Bridge Park location dubbed for her Voz Woman shoot. She let us in on some of her most pertinent inspirations for her upcoming film which encapsulates a woman’s relationship with nature. The coming of age, seventies inspired film takes on Hollywood references with a twist from a woman’s point of view.

#VOZWOMAN | Austen Leah Rosenfeld

In this VOZ Women feature, we caught up with Austen Leah Rosenfeld, a prolific poet and honorary Voz model. Her poems have graced the pages of the Antioch Review, the Salmagundi Magazine and the Indiana Review, to name a few.

The People Behind #MadebyVOZ

Today, on Fashion Revolution Day, we remember those killed and injured the in the Rana Plaza catastrophe. Two years ago today, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Globalization has created a toxic and unjust production chain to make fashion worldwide.

At VOZ, we exist to oppose this paradigm, and join with our ethical fashion peers to make clothes in a humane manner. It is our mission to make things slowly and by hand, paying ethical wages to our production partners, paying design royalties to artisans for their creative contributions, providing technical education programs, and using production methods that support healthy lifestyles for our makers.

#VOZWOMAN | Kabira Stokes

We had the opportunity to chat with and style Kabira Stokes, founder of Isidore Electronics Recycling, on her recent trip to New York City. With spring finally here, we dressed her in a loose knit ivory tank knit in Peru paired with ivory culotte pants with handwoven panels on the sides (necklace by Soko.) Kabira is a truly inspiring in her mission to create employment and a successful sustainable business. Her resilience and ability to inspire change has allowed her to build an innovative and impactful company, despite setbacks and obstacles she faced along the way. 

#VOZWOMAN | Meghan Sebold

We had an chance to catch up with fair trade designer and stylist, Meghan Sebold, to hear about her design inspiration. Meghan fell in love with the bright colored wax printed cotton textiles of Ghana during her studies abroad, so much so that she started her own clothing line, AFIA. She explains to us how her childhood in Minnesota has shaped her approach to fashion and has molded her creative process. Pictured here styled in our Spring '15 Cami Dress, Meghan inspires us to follow her footsteps in her "awareness and fascination of all things."

#VOZWOMAN | Erin Mazursky

"I think I've always been an activist. As a kid, I read everything I could about MLK and obsessively watched the video of JFK telling America, "Ask not..." on Encarta. Remember that groundbreaking "interactive" encyclopedia that had words AND videos?"

#VOZWOMAN Bianca Valle


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