On Mothering Twins: VOZ Woman Michelle Arévalo-Carpenter

To honor women and mother's worldwide, we are connecting to our VOZ Women who are staying safe at home with their little ones. Michelle Arévalo-Carpenter shares her perspective as a new mom while continuing her social entrepreneurship and human rights law practice from home in Ecuador.

"Being a mother doesn’t change who you are; it highlights and uncovers powers you had within you all along."

"Being parents of twins has made it easier for my husband and me to distribute and share the care burden: there are two of them and two of us!"

Photography by Cecilia Vallejo 


 Social entrepreneur and human rights lawyer, Michelle Arévalo-Carpenter is the CEO and co-founder of IMPAQTO, the first social innovation accelerator and network of co-working spaces in Ecuador, supporting a broader ecosystem of social entrepreneurs from the Andean region.

Michelle is also a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on Human Rights. Founder, Asylum Access Ecuador, and former COO of Asylum Access Global. MSt (Oxon) MPP (Berkeley). She writes about social entrepreneurship, millennials and telling stories often missed.



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