Veronica Currivil Nahuel - Honoring the Earth and Her People

VOZ Earth Day Message 2020

To honor the Earth and her gifts to us, Veronica Currivil Nahuel, VOZ Co-Founder, shares her wisdom with us on how she lives in harmony with nature. She even relates how a plant’s rare blooming event hinted at the coming pandemic. We are grateful to learn from our artisans’ wisdom on a symbolic day and a time when we need to listen to the Earth more than ever.

 Almost ten years ago, Veronica Currivil and Jasmine Aarons co-founded VOZ with Mapuche artisan leaders of Southern Chile to explore how working with indigenous craft methods could help us create a sustainable design methodology within fashion. Since the beginning of human history, indigenous people have worked in harmony with the Earth, taking only what is needed, using natural and non-toxic materials that biodegrade, using gentle production techniques that support native ecosystems, and displaying symbols that celebrate all the aspects of the natural world with spiritual reverence.

At VOZ, these traditions are the foundation of our handcrafted products, made with natural fibers, organic cotton, natural or low-impact dyes. By providing over 65 indigenous Chilean weavers, knitters, and silversmiths ongoing work in our local supply chain, we are supporting them in living on their native lands and remaining guardians of their forests for generations to come.

Remote indigenous communities are the most effective guardians of native forests. At VOZ, we provide them work from home, so they can remain on the native land. As our own weavers show us every day, listening to the Earth, nurturing her, and living with her respectfully is the key to living in balance. 

Now more than ever, we are listening to the Earth’s messages, and learning from her how we can heal the damage that has been done and create a new era of sustainable culture on Earth. It’s time to create the clean new paradigm we dream of. 

Veronica Currivil Nahuel

Portrait of Veronica Currivil Nahuel by Pilar Castro

Apple Farm

Apple Orchard by Pilar Castro

Yuba Nymph by Osvaldo Ponton

VOZ Founding Teammates, by Pilar Castro