VOZ Means "Voice" in Spanish

VOZ is a Benefit Corporation ethical fashion company whose mission is to protect the livelihoods, well-being, and cultural values of rural indigenous women globally. We pay living wages for every textile and sewn garment, and use sustainable fibers and processes.

VOZ was founded in 2012 by Jasmine Etoile Aarons, and today provides over 100 jobs throughout our supply chain.

Our Process in Temuco, Chile

Our Mission

We honor and empower artisans creatively, economically and culturally through a collaborative business model that showcases, preserves, and supports traditional art forms.

Mapuche Artisans

We work in collaboration with politically and economically marginalized women to create beautiful fashion collections and to provide design leadership, training, and opportunity for indigenous women in the rural regions where they reside.

Our primary rural artisan education center is located in Temuco, Chile where we work with Mapuche artisans—the largest indigenous group in South America, the only indigenous group that was never conquered by the Spanish.


VOZ specializes in revitalizing ancient weaving techniques that are indigenous to the Southern Chilean region. Our Mapuche Master Weavers infuse each of our collaborative designs with symbols from their family traditions. VOZ creates a haven for practicing and growing ancient weaving knowledge.

Our textiles feature the finest noble materials from the Andean region - baby alpaca, wool, and pima cotton. Join us in our mission to create opportunities for indigenous artisan communities around the world.

Thank You for Joining Our Mission

VOZ stands for authenticity and beauty in all forms. Throughout our supply chain, we celebrate and support artisan women and their cultural art forms