Traikan Wall Hanging


This ceremonial Mapuche wall piece is handmade by an artisan in the south of Chile using naturally-dyed sheep's wool and weathered álamo wood sourced locally from the Araucanía Region.

The symbol at the heart of the artwork is the Cruz, or Andean Cross. This cross is one of the most common symbols of Andean culture and signifies eternal presence. Traditionally, the only people permitted to wear this symbol were the lonkos, or chiefs of the indigenous communities.

The small palos attached to the symbol are used to separate the threads when the artisan is weaving the artwork. The upper border of the symbol is wrapped in a material (usually the plant sisal) that prevents the dye from entering this part of the wool, leaving the covered parts with the natural color of the wool. Overall a tedious process, the result is a gorgeous ceremonial piece of art that brings positive energy to the room in which it adorns.

As this is an artisanal handmade item, your Ceremonial Wall Hanging is one-of-a-kind and may contain slight variations. 

Approximate dimensions: 2 x 2.5 feet.