#VOZWOMAN | Adele Jacques

It was such a pleasure chatting with filmmaker, model and writer Adele Jacques. We had a very interesting chat with Adele as we strolled towards to scenic Brooklyn Bridge Park location dubbed for her Voz Woman shoot. She let us in on some of her most pertinent inspirations for her upcoming film which encapsulates a woman’s relationship with nature. The coming of age, seventies inspired film takes on Hollywood references with a twist from a woman’s point of view.

Adele wears the cropped SS15 pima sweater in water blue 


Firstly, she plans to completely juxtapose the filmmaking industry’s unsustainable production practices with a more ecological approach to filmmaking.

Adele: “Cinema is one thing that is not always done (sustainably) at all.  Let’s say Transformers goes to Bulgaria and trash the country to make a movie worth like $55 million dollars and they don’t care if a village is destroyed..”


She goes on to mention that her movie focuses on ecology and a woman’s relationship with water and the desert. She plans to practice a much more sustainable production process, making her movie not only fundamental but relevant to her own carbon footprint as well. 

Adele mentions that the movie has many magical elements and that every element has a purpose and voice. She personifies all elements of nature.

Adele: “Every character has a God’s name, but in a subtle way, not like ‘oh it’s Zeus...’” [she says with a chuckle] “but they are almost like hero, comic book figures […] The land is a character, the lake is a character, so there are special effects where the mountains may break like this…” [she mentioned while doing a collapsing hand gesture.]



Adele goes on to explain the origin of the character’s as well as her pivotal relationship with nature.  

Adele: “I call it a fantasize autobiography, so it’s me, but I built my character with my mother’s life as well. And she slowly goes into a magical world in very subtle moments [...] She interacts with nature to a point where she’s completely immersed in it and it’s how she finds her interior back.”


She explained her reasons for wanting to become a filmmaker and how her background in cabaret prepared her for the filmmaking industry.

Adele: “I’m a producer in nature, I like to put projects together [...] I was always taking photos, I was doing cabaret, and thought I should put a project together.  I love casting people, I love dressing people, I love cooking, I can do catering, so I should put something together and try to do a project. I wanted to put myself in my own movies. [...] And I love reading scripts, LA has the best scripts.”

She goes on to explain her interest in film history and elements of film that she loves which aren’t necessarily used anymore.

“I studied art history so I have very specific references of frames that aren’t used anymore that I would like to use again, like the sixties close frame where you put one person on side of the frame. my feature film will have lots of porno frames like from underneath so you see the boobs and stuff, it’s really fun” [she says with a confident smile.]

AMARE! from Marc Wilkins on Vimeo.

 It was great to chat with Adele and learn more about her influences and passions as a filmmaker. Be sure to check out her website to learn even more about this phenomenal, multidimensional woman of nature. Adele’s website -> http://www.adelejacques.com/film


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Photography by Arturo Stanig.