VOZ Gourmet Tea


At VOZ, sharing tea with the weavers and our client community is fundamental to our story. Since we first befriended the talented Mapuche weavers of Southern Chile ten years ago, no VOZ gathering has been complete without the ritual of passing around a traditional Yerba Maté. At our VOZ Sanctuary retail spaces, sharing tea with friends and visitors is our way of respecting the time and space we share with our beautiful community.

VOZ Fine Tea was made in collaboration with VOZ founder Jasmine Aarons's family's business The Tea Fountain, sourcing gourmet tea in her hometown of Mill Valley, California. We're honored to share our fine teas and the connections they create between us.

VOZ Fine Tea by Tea Fountain

Earl Grey - Organic English Earl Grey 'Blue Knight Special"

Milder, dark Indian tea-based variety: combining a Black tea blend with the Mediterranean bergamot (citrus bergamia) fruit taste and lighter teas from India and low-tannin leaves from China make this updated Earl Grey smooth enough to be served without milk. 

Ingredients: Black India and China Whole Leaf Teas, mallow & cornflower blossoms, and natural Citrus bergamia (Earl Grey) flavor. High theine (caffeine) content.

Indian Chai - Flavored Black Tea Indian Chai

Original spicy variety from an old Indian tradition. Fresh, peppery taste with citrus notes. 

Ingredients: black ceylon (Sri Lanka) and China whole leaf teas, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, spice and citrus flavor. High theine (caffeine) content.

Yerba Mate - Original Roast

Strong and malty herbal infusion with graded and roasted prime roasted Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) from Brazil and Argentina with a dark infusion and a touch of malty-smoked flavor. This slightly ‘sweet-toasted’ and soothing herbal infusion contains stimulating mateine (caffeine) and theobromine, similar to green and black tea and chocolate. The indigenous Mapuche people appreciate this Mate for the ‘magical powers’ of alleviating hunger, exhaustion, and heat. Medium mateine (caffeine) content.

Hazelnut Yerba Mate - Hazelnut Caramel Roasted Yerba Mate

Roasted Yerba Mate leaves with a great hazelnut caramel taste.
A blend of grated, briefly roasted original Yerba Mate Tea from Brazil and Argentina with added Rooibos from South Africa. This most popular Mate blend can be served as a great after-dinner or dessert beverage. Yerba Mate contains stimulating mateine (caffeine) and theobromine  and the indigenous Mapuche people appreciate this Mate for the ‘magical powers’ of alleviating hunger, exhaustion, and heat. 

Ingredients: Roasted Mate Ilex paraguariensis, brittle bits (hazelnuts, sugar), flavor, macadamia nuts (macadamia, sugar), licorice, amaranth, and sunflower petals. Allergen: contains nuts. Medium mateine (caffeine) content.

Healing Darjeeling - India Wellness Tea Healing Darjeeling First Flush

A blend of first crop Darjeeling and healing herbs. The whole-leaf tea was slightly fermented before adding billberry leaves, dandelion root, tulsi leaves (holy basil), and calendula petals that support a healthy balance. A fresh and healthy treat for the palate. This golden flowery orange pekoe contains only ‘first-grade leaves’ and silver tips to create its flavorful excellence. Darjeeling crops are among the finest and most delicious of rare teas available worldwide, harvested at about 6,000 feet above sea level. 

Ingredients: finest TGFOP1 first flush whole-leaf tea with silver tips from Darjeeling, India, billberry leaves, dandelion root, tulsi leaves, calendula petals. Medium theine (caffeine) content.

Jasmine - Organic Chinese Jasmine Green Tea

Traditional Recipe: Green whole leaf with mature pekoe grade Southern China green tea with flavorful jasmine scent and blossoms. A dark green tea and a light, fresh bouquet with a superb jasmine touch on the palate and a honey-colored infusion. Appropriate as an afternoon or dinner tea. Low theine (caffeine) content.

Hibiscus - Hibiscus Sabdariffa

The fragrance of these cut hibiscus flowers from China is used to balance and enhance the flavor of many herbal infusions. The flowers alone make a refreshing hot tea and may be used in iced tea cocktails. Caffeine free.