Strong, independent, compassionate. Characteristics shared by the best artists, activists, and creators and the definition of a VOZ Woman. This year VOZ decided to do Fashion Week differently, taking the opportunity to celebrate inspiring Voz Women as we debuted our SS18 collection, Bold Voices. We partnered with Simple Vodka to host an evening that brought together art, music, and fashion that gives voice to women through elegance, authenticity and enduring quality.

Video by Alex Seel


VOZ SS18 was inspired by the bold voices of dancer Ruth St. Dennis and artist Georgia O’Keefe, 20th century pioneers of American modernism whose artistic freedom lives on in creative acts of empowerment and liberation. Fusing elements from St. Dennis’ fluid, ceremonial choreography with O’Keefe’s supple brush strokes and harsh desert palate, VOZ SS18 collection merges flowing silk and cotton silhouettes with terracotta, sky blue, and blush hand-woven textile layers.

Given our inspiration, it seemed natural to present the collection alongside paintings by renaissance woman Bianca Valle as music by DJ Nianga Niang floated out onto the street, enticing people to dance. Each of the VOZ Women featured in the presentation wore her story differently and with a unique grace. The SS18 collection became the canvas by which we reveled in the imagination of children’s book illustrator Basak Agaoglu, the intelligent charisma of “Accidental Icon” Lyn Slater, the holistic wisdom of Vanessa Upegui, the innovative storytelling of Vice’s Jess Brown, and the creativity of Chief Hat Whisperer Junny Ann Hibbert.

#VOZWOMAN Bianca Valle, painter


#VOZWOMEN Vanessa Upegui and Junny Hibbert
#VOZWOMEN Lyn Slater and Junny Hibbert
#VOZWOMAN Nianga Niang
#VOZWOMEN Lyn Slater and Basak Agaoglu


September 29, 2017 by Irys Kornbluth

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